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Precise Medical Solutions is the #1 choice in the area for your DNA testing. Our focus is on customer service. We have also been made the company of choice in the paternity arena for legal firms, government agencies, members of the medical profession and the general public.

We offer the following DNA Testing:

Legal DNA Testing

This test is a notarized document that is court admissible for any legal matter or dispute.

Non – Legal DNA Testing

This is a personal test for information purposes only. This is not an admissible document for legal matters

Other DNA Testing

  • Sibling-ship
  • Adoption
  • Grand-parentage
  • Motherless
  • Avuncular
  • Child Custody
  • Profile
  • Family studies
  • Immigration
  • Legal paternity

Frequently Asked Questions about DNA Testing

What is DNA?

DNA is the framework of life. It is the coding information for the formation and function of every living organism. There are many common characteristics among humans, but there are remaining regions of DNA that vary from person to person, such as eye and hair color.

There are also areas of extreme variation between individuals that do not code for physical characteristics. These highly variable regions are of significant interest to the forensic community because they are used to distinguish between individuals. DNA testing answers difficult questions, resolves disputes, assists in court decisions and settlements. It also helps secure social security benefits, inheritance rights, and immigration privileges.

What is a DNA Paternity Test?

A DNA Paternity test is a specific test performed to determine if a man is or is not the biological father of a certain child.

How does the test work?

Paternity testing works by detecting certain “markers” in the DNA molecule. These markers vary greatly between unrelated individuals but are shared between a parent and child and to some degree, with other biological relatives.

How are the samples taken?

All testing today is carried out using simple non-invasive mouth swab samples. The swab is rubbed gently and painlessly on the inside of the person’s mouth to collect a sample of cheek cells. These swabs can be collected in office or in the convenience of your own home, depending on the type of test you are looking for.

*The labs we use for our DNA testing are AABB certified.