Eyebrows * Eyeliner * Lip Liner * Full Lip Color * Beauty Marks


  • Anyone with arthritis
  • Anyone with unsteady hands
  • Are active in sports
  • Have eyes that tear frequently
  • Doesn’t want to look naked without make-up
  • Have a problem seeing objects at a close range
  • Are too busy or don’t want to take the time to put on make-up


Permanent Make-Up is an aesthetic procedure similar to tattooing that is designed to benefit anyone who wishes to have a natural enhancement to their appearance without the use of makeup. The permanent micro-pigmentation method is the micro-implantation of all naturally approved pigments into the skin’s pores with a specially designed tool.

The procedure is completely safe, and in many cases it is virtually painless. It will enhance your eyes to make them more alluring. Eyebrows, eyeliner and lips will always look perfect and the added advantage that the make-up will not come off, while saving time.

To produce the desired results, permanent make-up usually requires one or more touch-up procedures after initial application. For this reason, our technician includes the price of a touch-up procedure in the price of the application. The initial procedure generally takes one to two-and-a-half hours to complete, and touch-ups take significantly less time.

Permanent Eye Make-Up: Permanent eye make-up can be applied in a variety of ways to help enhance the eyes. It can be applied to line both the top and bottom lids, to create a soft look, or applied to just the top or bottom.

Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up: Permanent make-up can be applied to create the appearance of hair and is also used to define, shape, and fill in sparse areas of the eyebrows. It is also used to create the look of a full pair of eyebrows for individuals that have lost all of their facial hair due to certain circumstances. Our experienced technician can produce the appearance of individual eyebrow hairs to create a more natural look.

Permanent Lip Make-Up: If you are sick of reapplying lipstick or lip liner throughout the day, or you are dissatisfied with thin lips, permanent make-up can create fuller, more defined lips. You can pick a shade that matches your favorite lipstick, or a neutral shade for a natural look. Both the permanent full lip color and lip liner can be applied in a variety of colors. If a more natural color is used, additional lipstick color can be used. If a more intense shade is applied, a subtle lip gloss can be used to enhance the lips. Permanent lip make-up can add fullness and even minimize the appearance of wrinkles around the lips.

Let our permanent make-up artist help you Wake Up to Make-Up and give you the look you want! 



$ 600

Top & Bottom Eyeliner


$ 500


Lip Liner

$ 400

Lip Liner

Full Lip

$ 700

Full Lip Color